Welcome to Pioneer's Plate. We are thrilled to have you as a new customer! Please take a moment to review the 'Frequently Asked Questions' and familiarise yourself with our process. All new customers must agree to the 'Terms & Conditions' below prior to joining the zero waste program. 


How long will my food stay fresh?

For optimal freshness, we suggest freezing any meals that will not be consumed within 3 days of delivery. Most of our meals are freezer friendly with the exception of fresh salads.

Who would benefit from becoming a Pioneer's Plate customer?

Everyone! You might be interested in trying us out if: -You're about to have a baby and need to stock the freezer. -You're recovering from an illness or injury. -You have nutritional goals to crush but not enough time in the kitchen. You get the picture! Our meals are fully prepared, and ready to heat and eat, no pots and pans required. Let us take the stress and mess out of dinner!

Do I have to join Zero Waste?

At this stage in time we DO NOT require our customers to join the zero waste program. We realize that not everyone wants to join a subscription plan and may prefer to order a few meals here and there. For your convenience, we also offer a standard store with access to our full menu. where you can order all of the same meals. Sustainability is important to us, which is why we have sourced Canadian made, BPA-free plastic containers that are RE-USABLE & RECYCLABLE as well as microwave and dishwasher safe. Please feel free to return them in your bin or keep for personal use.

Is there a delivery charge and what areas do you cover? 

We charge a flat rate of $5 per home delivery (3 item minimum/ order) within a 25 km radius of Vernon city centre. This includes Coldstream, Lavington, Oyama and Armstrong. For Lake Country we charge $7.50 and for Kelowna we charge $10 for home delivery. *Please note we DO NOT provide home delivery to West Kelowna. If you are outside of our delivery zone, please send us a message to discuss other options of getting our food to you! We are working on offering free drop off locations between Lake Country and Kelowna for your convenience. Join our mailing list to stay updated.

Can I pick up?

Of course! We have arranged a free pick up spot at Anna's Vitamins Plus store in Vernon from 3:00 - 5:30 pm every Tuesday. We are also working on setting up free drop off locations throughout the Okanagan. Join our mailing list to stay in the loop.

What is the new customer starter pack?

Whether you choose to subscribe or not, there is a $20 fee for all new customers, which covers the cost of your delivery bin and ice packs. If you prefer to try one or two meals before purchasing a starter pack, please contact us to discuss options as we would love to accommodate you!

Why am I required to pay a deposit on zero waste containers?

Glass containers are much more expensive than single use containers. The deposit covers accidental damage if you break one or forget to return them in good condition should you end your subscription plan.

Why is there a zero waste handling fee?

The $3 weekly handling fee covers the extra hours we put into maintaning, inspecting, sanitising and storing these containers each week. As a fully licensed business, we follow strict guideliness to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our valued customers.

What form of payments do you accept?

We currently accept all major credit cards, debit and e-transfer. Payment must be made prior to delivery to secure your order.

Are you a licensed business and where do you prepare the food?

Yes, Pioneer's Plate is fully licensed and insured! We currently lease a commercial kitchen in Vernon and are up to date on all health department permits and inspections with the city.

Are your meals allergy friendly?

Most of our meals are gluten free and dairy free and are clearly marked in our menu section. While we take extreme precautions to keep allergens separate, please be advised that there is always a possibility of cross contact, as we use a wide range of ingredients in the kitchen. Please send us a message to inform us of any allergies or other dietary requirements.

What are the benefits to becoming a subscriber?

Do you love the convenience of a meal service but NOT all the packaging? In addition to eliminating waste with our (freezer/oven/microwave/dishwasher safe) glass containers, you'll also receive special subscription pricing, which fully covers the zero waste handling fee and more - the more you buy the more you save! Thank you for helping us make a difference one meal at a time!

Do you offer frozen meals?

Yes! You can find the 'Freezer Stock' selection in our main store. These meals are frozen in microwave safe containers that can easily be warmed up for a quick and nutritious dinner when time is tight. They also make a great gift!

Can I choose my meals on the subscription plan?

Each week we prepare a carefully selected menu based upon seasonal, freshly harvested produce from our farmers. When selecting the '3 meals a week' plan, you are given the option to choose your meal preference: either all meat or 2 meat and 1 plant-based meal. For the '5 meals a week' plan, you will receive 3 meat and 2 plant-based meals. *You can select the all vegan or paleo plans as well. Please email us at by Saturday night if you wish to choose your meals. Otherwise, we will select them for you based upon the information in your new subscriber form.


Please review our user agreement policy below:

We are thrilled you have decided to join our Zero Waste inititative! Before filling out the 'New Customer Form' below, please review our Zero Waste Terms & Conditions first. If you agree to these terms, please check the box below. Pioneer's Plate fully inspects every glass container prior to delivery. In the unlikely event that you or anyone else eating with you sustains and injury due to chipped or broken glass, Pioneer's Plate will not be held responsible, legal or otherwise. We encourage you to also inspect your glass containers prior to eating. You agree to purchase your new customer starter pack as well as pay a one time deposit on your glass containers to cover the cost for each. This deposit is fully refundable if containers are returned 'undamaged' and in the same condition within 1 week of cancelling your subscription. Please contact us to make arrangements. If you do not return the containers within the 1 week time frame, your refundable deposit will be null and void and the containers will belong to you. Lastly, for our regular 3-5 weekly meal plans, please login to the Zero Waste member's page each week to select your meals of choice before Sunday for meals delivered the following week. If you do not do this, we will select the meals for you. If you agree to these terms, please check the 'I agree to the terms and conditions' box on the New Customer Form below

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