Welcome to Pioneer's Plate. We are thrilled to have you as a new customer! Please take a moment to review our 'Terms & Conditions' prior to joining the zero waste program. You may also visit our FAQ page to familiarise yourself with our process. 


Please review our user agreement policy:

We are thrilled you have decided to join our Zero Waste movement! Before selecting a meal plan, please carefully review our Zero Waste Terms & Conditions as outlined here. If you agree to these terms, please check the box when filling out the subscription form on the next page. USER AGREEMENT: Section 1) Cancellation and Pausing Membership: 1A) PAUSING YOUR PLAN: We offer a flexible subscription plan with the ability to pause your membership should you need a week or 2 off here and there for vacation and life in general. If you have a big trip planned around the time of signing up, we would ask you to order from our general store and wait till you're back to subscribe due to the extra admin work on top of your new customer set up. *We do require 1 full weeks notice if you plan to miss a week so we can make the necessary system changes to avoid you getting billed for the following week. 1B) CANCELLATION POLICY: If at any time during your weekly subscription you decide to end your meal plan, we totally understand! All we require is a *minimum 1 week notice before the next delivery date; if we do not receive this notice, you will be billed the full weekly subscription and your cancellation will take affect the following week. **PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to cancel within the first 4 weeks of your subscription, you will be charged a $25 processing fee. It is important to remember that the zero waste program is a big commitment on our part and it takes more time to set up each new customer. If you'd prefer to try us out, please order from our general online store where you can try all the same meals, without the zero waste containers. Section 2) Starter Pack & Glassware Policy: 2A) STARTER PACK DEPOSIT: You agree to pay a one time, refundable $50 deposit for your zero waste starter pack, which includes your delivery cooler, ice packs and eco-friendly glass food containers. This deposit is fully refundable if you return your cooler, ice packs and glassware 'undamaged' and in the same condition within 1 week of cancelling your subscription. Please contact us to make arrangements. Unless there are special circumstances, if you do not return the containers within the 1 week time frame, your refundable deposit will be null and void. You will also be charged the remaining balance for the glass containers to your card on file, if it exceeds your $50 deposit. If during your active subscription you accidentally break a food container, please let us know and we will simply charge you our cost for the individual container (adult size $7, child size $5, family size $15). 2B) GLASSWARE INSPECTION/ INJURY: Pioneer's Plate fully inspects every glass container prior to delivery. In the unlikely event that you or anyone else eating with you sustains an injury due to chipped or broken glass, you agree that Pioneer's Plate will not be held responsible, legal or otherwise. We encourage you to also inspect your glass containers prior to eating. Section 3) Allergies and Meal Selection: 3A) ALLERGIES: When you subsribe to a meal plan, please list all allergies and sensitivites in the appropriate section. We serve many clients that have a range of allergies and most of them we can accommodate. We take extra care to avoid cross contamination but there is always that small risk being that all meals are being prepared on the same day. If we are not confident that we can accommodate your requests, we will notify you and any payment will be fully refunded. 3B) MEAL SELECTION: Every week we uploaded a new menu between Friday and Sunday. Simply select the 'Choose Meals' form under the Zero Waste menu to select your meals every week before 9 pm on Sunday. If you do not make your selection, we will choose your meals for you based upon your preferences and taking into account allergies and food sensitivies. 4) ZERO WASTE HANDLING FEE: You agree to pay a $5 weekly handling fee per household. Please visit our FAQ page to learn more. **If you agree to these terms, please select 'get started' below to join.